Auto repeat slideshow powerpoint download

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Auto repeat slideshow powerpoint download

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Follow Setting the Scene Animations in PowerPoint are a great tool to convey messages when used carefuly with the content of your slides. There are plenty of animation effects and options, including a Repeat feature for individual animation effects. But what if you want to repeat or loop a sequence of animations?

This can be useful when running unattended kiosk presentations and you want the animations of the slide or a subset of them to repeat automatically. The first thing to do is to create a silent audio file.

You can do this using Windows recorder or any number of third party sound apps. Simply disconnect or mute your mic before recording the required sound length. In this example, we recorded 10 seconds of silence.

You can also download the one we used in this tutorial.

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Now add Bookmarks to the audio file at intervals as per your desired sequence timing. So, if we want to do things at 1 second intervals, we add bookmarks at each 1 second.

auto repeat slideshow powerpoint download

Repeat at the interval times on the audio timeline. With the bookmarks in place we can now move the animations from the main automatic timeline to the interactive trigger-based timeline.

Select all of the animations in the animation pane to make this pane visible, hold down the Alt key and then press A followed by C. You can now run the slide show and the animation sequence will repeat indefinitely until you leave the slide.

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auto repeat slideshow powerpoint download

Also for: Zwst, Zxst. My slide show is stopping with text ‘End of slide show, click to exit’ PowerPoint shows a complete black slide with at the top the text End of slide show, click to Exit in white.

When a normal sales or product presentation is showing this message, this means that the presentation is over, and that you can get a coffee.

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