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Lemon Wedge in My Water? My hands are pretty raw from washing them 5 million times a day and the fact that the first day of spring had a zero-degree wind chill here.

Buy research chems

I don't know what they're made up of, but I had been told they were "teflon"-coated, unless that was just as an example of how they are coated. The grafted ligament taken from the patellar tendon had shown on an MRI 6 years ago to be thinning, but I don't know what the state of the bolts are.

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The surgeon had said he plugged the bolts with pieces of bone from the patella it was a long time ago, and a very primitive-style surgery compared to now. I do have 3 mercury tooth-fillings left, which I have not been able to replace yet.

But even when I can replace them, I may still have metal leaching into my system from the bolts? They cannot be taken out. So I wonder if my hair-loss and other stuff has to do with my body attacking itself?

Like if my hair is "toxic" because of constantly detoxing, that my body may buy research chems attacking it? The roots seem to be declining, and new hair comes in so baby-fine that it doesn't seem to stay in for long.

buy research chems

I know the hair-loss isn't the main problem but a symptom, i'm just using it as an indicator. My thyroid hormone level is back within normal range back down to 4.

Another symptom is fibromyalgia-like, but with a hyperactive mind. So physically exhausted but amped-up at the same time.

buy research chems

And Magnesium Chloride did not help with sleep. And there's "this and that" inconsistant symptoms, not too drastic, but which could be attributed to so many other things too like candida, deficiencies, ph balance, parasites, allergies, neurological restrictions, glandular, other toxins, altered immune system, etc etc.

I have been doing: Just started oil-pulling with virgin coconut oil a few weeks ago And had been doing this Intestinal Drawing Formula also for the radiation which is coming over from Japan's 3 melted-down reactors which are still spewing into the atmosphere, down the jetstream, right at us on the west coast US not to mention the whole Northern Hemisphere, now reaching the southern [if you are not aware of that, you may want to scan through enenews.

But it seems that if I have a "permanent" metal fixture within my bone, that all this attempt to cleanse may be making the problem worse. By constantly pulling the metals into my bloodstream. I don't know, just seems to be a logical possibility. Or something that my body is constantly rejecting and I did grow up with allergic reactions like eczema and asthma, and other occasional weird unexplained reactions.

Anyways, my main question is whether it's possible that the bolts in my bones could be leaching into my system? And whether doing detox protocols could be worsening that - since I cannot remove the bolts, my body might be constantly trying to remove them, by drawing their substances into my bloodstream?

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