Dissertation geographie sur l eau

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Dissertation geographie sur l eau

The consumer is the person using or consuming the product. The good or the service purchased is sometimes represented with a Logo, which is a graphic representation of a brand or a company that is used on different communication media. The goal of a company is to target the consumer or a group of consumer.

For this, companies create logos and emblems, which are among the visual aspects of the Dissertation geographie sur l eau. The logo reinforces the image of the company. It can also promote the recognition of the mark like for example, for sports articles. The logo must therefore have, among other things, qualities of evocation of the activity and the values of the company, but also the qualities of legibility.

To avoid a discrepancy, the logo must evolve at the same time as the company and its ambitions. Through examples, theories and literature this essay will try to answer the following question: How do company logos change people opinions and influence their purchase?

This report will show how consumer are affected by logos created by companies in decision-making process. Firstly, this report will introduce the conditioning theory which is part of the Behavioral approach learning and will explain how its lead to a real impact on consumers through logos.

Secondly, this study will examine the tri-components theory and more especially the cognitive and affective component and will identify the effects of the attitude of consumers towards the brand logos.

The first part of this report will explain the behavioral approach of learning theory and more especially the classical conditioning theory and its influence on consumer perception of logos and influence in purchasing.

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The behavioral learning theory shows that the consumer responds to the stimulus he receives and so learning takes place as the results of response to external events. There are two types of behavioral learning theories: By combining a conditioned stimulus with the unconditioned stimulus, it gives a conditioned response identical to that caused by the first natural stimulus.

A process of persuasion used in the advertising field, it aims to transfer to the brand the feelings felt by the individuals of an exposure to the message. The experiment carried out in by the Russian physiologist Pavlov considered the dog's food as the unconditioned stimulus which generated an unconditioned response from the animal: He noticed that the tinkling of a bell neutral stimulus which became a conditioned stimulus was systematically associated with the delivery of the food.

Then, after a certain time, tinkling could generate a conditioned response, in this case, salivation, without the feed being presented to the animal. This experiment is called stimulus generalization.

Many logos are existing since decades and never changed like for example, the brand Nike logo is represented by a Swoosh since and on all their products, it is a simple logo which gives an impression of movement.

The consumers see the logo and refer immediately to the brand. Indeed, the consumer is used of seeing the logo so he feels emotions about the logo because Nike is a brand of prestige and quality that influences consumers in their purchase. This example is relevant because thanks to the logo consumers are influenced in buying the product.

This process is the basis for many marketing strategies, but there are also others theories that influence the consumer in their purchase.

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The first paragraph will introduce the cognitive learning theory. It is the result of the internal mental process. The name cognitive refers to the term cognition knowledge in the sense of process and productit is the study of the functioning of intelligence, the origin of our knowledge as well as the strategies used to assimilate and reinvesting knowledge.

It focuses on perception, memory processing and language.Lisez ce Histoire et Géographie Étude de cas et plus de autres dissertation. L'eau en Inde. Joséphine Favre Consumer Behaviour TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction 2 2. Behavioral approach (conditioning theory) 2 3. Tri-component theory A.

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Dissertation geographie sur l eau

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Dissertation sur l'eau INTRODUCTION: les différences notables de niveau de consommation de l’eau sur un même bassin, différences issues de rapports de force ou de niveaux de développement socio-économique, et ensuite, la nécessité, face à des populations en rapide augmentation, de s’assurer d’un approvisionnement en eau.

Dissertation Geographie Sur L Eau