Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley

A student pursuing a strongly interdisciplinary program may include in-depth study of more than one of these disciplines.

Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley

Galen Thomas Panger. Emotion in Social Media.. Ph.D. dissertation. Advisor: Steven Weber. University of California, Berkeley. CBE Doctorate Degree Program & Requirements. Completion of the Ph.D. occurs with students presenting the results of their dissertation research at the department colloquium and filing the dissertation with graduate division. Time for completion of the degree is on average years. University of California Berkeley, CA . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY. GRADUATE DIVISION. OFFICE OF THE DEAN. S Associate Dean of the Graduate Division. Re: Advising doctoral candidates on dissertation embargoes and eScholarship repository. As doctoral students prepare to file their dissertations for the upcoming deadline — December 20, Harvard University.

His research Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley on the magical and supernatural aspects of modern Chinese religiosity. Buddhism and Modernity across the South China Sea.

Oren Hanner Robert H.

Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley

At Berkeley, Oren is working on the notions Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley collective agency and moral responsibility in the writings of Vasubandhu. During a four and half year period of doctoral research in India and Nepal, Katarina translated the anthology and studied the context of the Great Perfection while living in Tibetan monasteries.

After Katarina received her Ph. Her other interests include Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, narratives and ritual.

Doctoral dissertation university california berkeley

In the Spring ofshe is teaching a graduate seminar on translating Great Perfection texts. He received his Ph. He received his B. Buddhist Studies from the University of Michigan. His primary interests are Tibetan Buddhist literature and history and his doctoral dissertation consists of a critical edition, translation, and study of the autobiography of the seventeenth-century Tibetan lama, Yolmo Tenzin Norbu.

He is presently engaged in research on the artistic, literary, and ritual traditions surrounding the Tibetan Buddhist pure land known as the Glorious Copper-Colored Mountain.

Xi He Robert H. Ho Family Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Her research interests include Buddhist narratives; the translation and transmission of Buddhist texts in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese; and women and gender in Buddhism traditions.

She received her Ph.

Her dissertation focused on the early Sanskrit Buddhist text, the Lalitavistara, exploring how Buddhist values and ideals are textualized in Buddhist narratives and the close relationship between Sanskrit literary culture and Buddhist emotions. She specializes in the intellectual and religious history of China, with a particular focus on the intersection of Buddhism and literati culture.

November from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University, with a dissertation on the Chan monk Zhongfeng Mingben and his literati followers. Other research interests include religion and the state, material culture, and concepts of law and justice in imperial China.

His doctoral dissertation is a detailed study of the the development of lay Zen in modern Japan. The fellowships enabled him to work as a visiting scholar at the University of Tokyo Other research interests include Buddhist ethnography, ritual, and performance studies.

The fellowship enabled him to spend the spring semester as a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia. His research focuses upon the non-monastic and practice-oriented forms of Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, he is interested in Buddhist biographies and songs.

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Her research interests are Chan Buddhism, ordination rituals, Bodhisattva precepts, and Buddhist discourse on cultural identity. Her thesis brought together a wide range of documents from ninth-century China, Japan and Korea, and cross-culturally examined the relationship between patriarchal lineages versus textual transmission at the early stage of the history of Chan Buddhism.

During her stay at UC Berkeley, she has been working on a project involving a group of eighth-century precept manuals, analyzing the doctrinal and historical connections between Chan Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism during the Tang dynasty, with a focus on the commonality of their key components of precepts and meditation.

His main research interest is the textual and philological study of early Buddhist texts, doctrines, and history, as well as Buddhist Abhidharma philosophical systems. As a postdoctoral fellow in Berkeley Qian Lin will work on a book manuscript derived from his dissertation, and also a project on Buddhist philosophy of mind, which will investigate a Buddhist account of intentionality in early Buddhist texts.

Her research interests are Zen Buddhism, Buddhist rituals, sacred music, and manuscript and print culture in premodern Japan. Before coming to Berkeley, she was research associate wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin at the Georg-August-University Goettingen.

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Ryan Overbey Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellow, Ryan Overbey studies the intellectual and ritual history of Buddhism, with particular focus on early medieval Buddhist spells and ritual manuals.

He worked as an academic researcher for Prof. During his time at Berkeley, Ryan will work on a monographic study of Buddhist preachers in the early medieval period, drawing on more data about Buddhist pedagogy from Chinese imperial histories and Buddhist hagiography, as well as from documents about preachers found in the Dunhuang archives.

His dissertation focused on innovations in scholastics, liturgical practices, and administration spearheaded by the lamas of Katok Monastery and their widespread adoption in the region.

The resulting network of monasteries represented the only significant alternative in Tibet to the model of monasticism prevalent in central Tibet and was the site of tremendous literary and artistic production. His research interests include the social histories of visionary cults, scholastic traditions, monastic reform movements, and sectarian conflicts; the philosophical and contemplative traditions of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism; and Sino-Tibetan cultural relations.

She completed her PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia inafter conducting research as a visiting scholar at Otani University in Kyoto from Her dissertation concerned the history and contemporary experiences of temple wives, known as bomori, in the Jodo Shinshu or True Pure Land School of Buddhism in Japan.

Forthcoming articles include a study of prescriptive accounts of temple wives from the Meiji through the prewar period, and an in-depth study of sermons for temple wives from the Edo period.CBE Doctorate Degree Program & Requirements.

Completion of the Ph.D. occurs with students presenting the results of their dissertation research at the department colloquium and filing the dissertation with graduate division.

Time for completion of the degree is on average years. University of California Berkeley, CA . The University of California is widely considered the nation's premier public university system and Berkeley ranks consistently as the world’s leading public university.

The Center for Japanese Studies at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for a dissertation workshop for Ph.D. candidates based at universities in Southeast Asia, Japan, or the U.S., with a particular goal to recruit those from Southeast Asia or originally from Southeast Asia who are currently working on topics involving.

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Ph.D. Dissertation Submitted to the School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley. D The Impact of Political Institutions on Fiscal Decisions in . The School of Information is UC Berkeley’s newest professional school. Located in the center of campus, the I School is a graduate research and education community committed to expanding access to information and to improving its usability, reliability, and credibility while preserving security and privacy.

This is Jeffrey Mishlove's doctoral diploma in "Parapsychology" from the University of California, Berkeley.. To our knowledge, he possesses the only doctoral degree in "Parapsychology" ever awarded by an accredited, American university.

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