Essay about basis of philippines value orientation

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Close family ties results to the family still being intact regardless that the children are old and with families of their own.

Essay about basis of philippines value orientation

Forwarding this and other posts to relatives and friends, especially those in the homeland, is greatly appreciated. To share, use all social media tools: This post actually touches the issue of culture, i.

Here our native culture is looked at just from the religious point of view. Frankly, I see this point of view as limited or inadequate, based on what I have alluded to regarding source in the preceding paragraph.

Essay about basis of philippines value orientation

I will go back, try a broader and deeper look into the issue of our native Filipino culture, i. Catholics, mainline Protestants, Pentecostals or Evangelicals.

In short, I believe in the possibility of a Godless morality, though I admit that it is much more difficult to attain. With religion that stresses fear of supernatural justice or retribution, then believers will tend to follow what they think or are taught as God's or gods' command. All the while the minority who benefit from the recognized system of patronage take care of their extended families and associates.

Transparency in government has not taken root: We oftentimes wonder what kind of values we have now; what have we lost in terms of social conscience, of social morality let us forget here about sexual morality to which the church hierarchy seems to pay relatively more attention to.

The question nowadays seems to be "Why can't we be good? We do not seem to wonder whether that really is something to be proud of; or are we just -unknowingly- exposing our ignorance about what authentic Christianity is all about? How come some, if not many, of those who commit crimes and are guilty of corruption were from exclusive Catholic schools?

Have the mentors themselves sold out? Why did the good moral and church social teachings not stick? Is it our unique case that social morality can not really be taught in schools nor be practiced in the real world?

Below is an interesting and informative essay on understanding our Filipino value system, written just a few years after the Marcos downfall, by the late Fr.

However, I think Fr. Gorospe was quite naive about the kind of leadership our homeland needs then and now. This latest draft, basically similar to that proposed by Fr.

Values for National Reconstruction," 2 bases its framework on the provisions of the Philippine Constitution of If we are to discover our traditional values and make sure that they contribute to the "just and humane society" and "total human liberation and development" of which the Philippine Constitution speaks, we must ask some basic questions.

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A Filipino experiences family closeness and solidarity pagpapahalaga sa pamilyapoliteness use of po or hohospitality tuloy po kayogratitude utang na loob from "within", that is, subjectively and emotionally, unlike a non-Filipino observer, social scientist, or psychologist who studies Filipino values objectively from "without" or "from a distance".

Such Filipino values as social acceptance, pakikisama, amor propio, economic security, pagmamay-ariand trust in God paniniwala sa Diyos, bathala or Maykapal find their philosophical basis in man's dynamic openness toward nature and the world e. This dynamic openness of man is an openness to the possibilities of the future.

That is why values are something to be realized. Take the value of peace. Human values are not merely private.

Essay about basis of philippines value orientation

All values have a social aspect. The government official who demands porsiyento, the fireman or policeman who extorts tong or lagay for a service which is his duty, all contribute to the worsening graft and corruption.

We are all responsible for one another tayong lahat ay may pananagutan sa isa't-isa. Values are both subjective and objective. They involve a subject or person who values e. Justice is objective because it is a value that should be realized by all. It also becomes subjective if justice becomes a value for me.

There is an objective difference between value and disvalue, pleasure and pain, life and death, poverty and affluence, heroism and cowardice, truth and error, right and wrong, holiness and sinfulness. The difference is not only in the mind or a matter of personal taste or preference.

Even if I close my eyes to the ugly poverty around me, the poor will not disappear. Values are not objective in the sense that they are found in some static heaven:The Value Orientation Method (VOM) provides a way to understand core cultural differences related to five basic human concerns, or orientations.

The method has been used widely in cross-cultural situations, including in higher education, health services, and conflict resolution. The Filipino value system or Filipino values refers to the set of values or the value system that a majority of the Filipino have historically held important in their lives.

This Philippine values system includes their own unique assemblage of consistent ideologies, moral codes, ethical practices, etiquette and cultural and personal values that are promoted by their society. Understanding the Filipino Values and Culture. Philippines is the first democratic country in Asia.

Filipino Culture: Welcome to the Philippines! Welcome to this country of warm smiles and vivacious people. Getting to know the Filipinos is easy enough.

There are three main imperatives that underlie Filipino value orientation: relational. Value orientation is the principle of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group.

It is a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct. In our school, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, various value orientations are present. Oct 08,  · Our cultural background, individual bias, personal ethics, and past experiences help to form the basis of our value system.

"We begin sharpening our values at a very early age. Our parents, teachers, friends, religious leaders, heroes and fictional idols teach us right from wrong" (Deblieux, ). [Senator and boxing legend] Manny Pacquiao says we’re not human.

They should just let us be. – Edgar T., an year-old gay high school student in Manila, February Schools should be safe.