Festival carbon dioxide and global warming

I would like to present a speech on the global warming at this occasion.

Festival carbon dioxide and global warming

But here are four more gases that can wreck our atmosphere. The now-closed Fisk Generating Station in Chicago was once a triumph of engineering and considered one of the more efficient coal-fired plants in the country. Now, though, coal-fired plants like this one are looked on as dirty emitters of carbon dioxide--but CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas worth worrying about.

Emissions from these and other human-driven processes vomit tens of billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year. Fourier theorized that gases must be that something, and his work in the s was soon continued by other scientists determined to find out which gases trap heat from the sun on Earth.

Over time, scientists began to develop a more nuanced view of how gases form and act. Not all gases on Earth are greenhouse gases. The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere depends on sources natural and man-made processes that produce them and sinks reactions that remove the gases from the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is only part of that equation, and only the second most abundant greenhouse gas on Earth. At the top of the list is water vapor, the granddaddy of all greenhouse gases. As carbon dioxide and other emissions grow, water vapor increases, too.

More concentrated water vapor and higher evaporation rates means more global warming.

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The phenomenon is called stratospheric water vapor feedback, and its concerning to Sean Davisa CIRES research scientist working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration whose research focuses on the gas.

Methane, the third-most abundant greenhouse gas, presents a similar quandary for researchers. Methane is emitted by everything from farting cows to wetlands and natural gas systems, and industry, agriculture and rotting trash make sure plenty is spewed into the atmosphere. Since the beginning of the industrial era in the s, nitrous oxide levels have grown, and atmospheric levels of the gas could nearly double by It can take over a century for a molecule of N2O to degrade.

In the meantime, it contributes to ozone loss in the atmosphere, which in turn spurs warming on Earth. For example, its ozone-depleting potential seems sensitive to different environmental conditions.

On a molecule-by-molecule basis, CFCs have a much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide. For example, CFC also known as Freon 13which cools some industrial freezers, is 16, times as warming as carbon dioxide over a year period.

CFCs are banned in the United Statesbut plenty made their way into the atmosphere before the Montreal Protocolwhich was agreed to in But once ozone makes it up to the stratosphere, it actually protects Earth from the sun's brutal rays.

Learn more at erinblakemore.Researchers at the University of Southampton, studying changes in ocean acidity recorded in the shells of fossilised plankton, found large amounts of carbon dioxide welled up from the deep. While the annual low point in the Mauna Loa carbon dioxide curve typically occurs around the last week of September, records from show the levels have not dipped back down into the s.

Trees play an important role in sucking up greenhouse gases (such as well-known carbon dioxide – CO2) that fuel Global Warming.

Global warming is the rapid increase of Earths average temperature of . Carbon dioxide is only part of that equation, and only the second most abundant greenhouse gas on Earth.


At the top of the list is water vapor, the granddaddy of all greenhouse gases. K e r a l a Kerala (Kēraḷaṁ, Malayalam: കേരളം).

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Festival carbon dioxide and global warming

It is estimated that the annual U. S. Carbon dioxide emissions from fireworks is 60, tensor the same emissions from 12, cars on the road for a year!! If one suggests that planting trees is a solution, then, please be informed that it’d take the entire lifetime of 5, tersest offset the 60, tons of carbon emissions produced in this.

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