Gcse geography sdme happisburgh

Is anyone else doing the OCR geography sustainable decision making paper on coastal management at Happisburgh on monday? Find study resources 0 votes I'm not really sure what we have to do! It hasn't been explained by our teacher, just got given a resource booklet.

Gcse geography sdme happisburgh

Coastal Recession 2 What is coastal recession? Coastal recession is having an effect on the coastline of the UK. The amount of effect is determined by the land use. If the area suffering from cliff recession is used for settlement, the effect is greater than if the cliff recession is affecting farmland, which is seen to be less important as it is not worth as much money.

The effects of coastal recession can be seen all around the coast of the UK. One village under threat from this policy is the village of Happisburgh which has a population of approximately It is one of the fastest eroding areas in the world.

The area was defended in with revetments which reduced the amount of erosion to about 50 cm a year. In the council stopped repairing the coastal defences which caused the rate of erosion to accelerate.

The main area of concern is Beach Road which terminates in the sea. The government has refused to protect Happisburgh because it is not cost effective. In other words, the village is less valuable than the cost of the defences to protect it even though it contains 18 listed buildings including a Grade 1 listed church which is only 60 m from the cliff and estimated to be in the sea by This is slowing down the rate of erosion but there is no hope for the residents of Beach Road whose homes will soon be in the sea.Mar 07,  · KS3 GCSE GEOGRAPHY Coastal Defences -Happisburgh Geography Movie Videos & More.

Happisburgh sea defence - Duration: GCSE Geography - Case Study. GCSE, AS and A Level Geography 05/03/ Instructions for completed fieldwork written statements.

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Gcse geography sdme happisburgh

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