Hst 121 essay

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Hst 121 essay

Fishguard had been opened in an attempt to attract transatlantic liner traffic and provided a better facility for the Anglo-Irish ferries than that at Neyland. The generally conservative GWR made other improvements in the years before the World War I such as restaurant cars, better conditions for third class passengers, steam heating of trains, and faster express services.

These were largely at the initiative of T. Allen, the Superintendent of the Line and one of a group of talented senior managers who led the railway into the Edwardian era: It was during this period that the GWR introduced road motor services as an alternative to building new lines in rural areas, and started using steam rail motors to bring cheaper operation to existing branch lines.

List of constituents of the Great Western Railway saw the construction of the first of Castle Class locomotives At the outbreak of World War I inthe GWR was taken into government control, as were most major railways in Britain.

Many of its staff joined the armed forces and it was more difficult to build and maintain equipment than in peacetime.

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After the war, the government considered permanent nationalisation but decided instead on a compulsory amalgamation of the railways into four large groups.

The GWR alone preserved its name through the " grouping ", under which smaller companies were amalgamated into four main companies in and A few independent lines in its English area of operations were also added, notably the Midland and South Western Junction Railwaya line previously working closely with the Midland Railway but which now gave the GWR a second station at Swindon, along with a line that carried through-traffic from the North via Cheltenham and Andover to Southampton.

The s brought hard times but the company remained in fair financial health despite the Depression. The Development Loans, Guarantees and Grants Act allowed the GWR to obtain money in return for stimulating employment and this was used to improve stations including London PaddingtonBristol Temple Meads and Cardiff General ; to improve facilities at depots and to lay additional tracks to reduce congestion.

The road motor services were transferred to local bus companies in which the GWR took a share but instead, it participated in air services.

The Great Western Railway Company continued to exist as a legal entity for nearly two more years, being formally wound up on 23 December These companies have continued to preserve appropriate parts of its stations and bridges so historic GWR structures can still be recognised around the network.

This line was extended westwards through Exeter [35] and Plymouth [13] to reach Truro [14] and Penzance[15] the most westerly railway station in England. Brunel and Gooch placed the GWR's main locomotive workshops close to the village of Swindon and the locomotives of many trains were changed here in the early years.

Up to this point the route had climbed very gradually westwards from London, but from here it changed into one with steeper gradients which, with the primitive locomotives available to Brunel, was better operated by types with smaller wheels better able to climb the hills.

These gradients faced both directions, first dropping down through Wootton Bassett to cross the River Avonthen climbing back up through Chippenham to the Box Tunnel before descending once more to regain the River Avon's valley which it followed to Bath and Bristol.

HST Individual Primary Source Essay

This route was later shortened by the opening of a more direct east—west route through the Severn Tunnel. Another route ran northwards from Didcot to Oxford from where two different routes continued to Wolverhamptonone through Birmingham and the other through Worcester. Operating agreements with other companies also allowed GWR trains to run to Manchester.

Some were short, such as the 3. Further variety came from the traffic carried: Its locomotives and rolling stock were built and maintained at Swindon Works [10] but other workshops were acquired as it amalgamated with other railways, including the Shrewsbury companies' Stafford Road works at Wolverhampton, [47] and the South Devon's workshops at Newton Abbot.

They soon combined as a single board of directors which met in offices at Paddington. The first Goods Manager was appointed in and from this position was filled by James Grierson until when he became the first general manager.

Hst 121 essay

In the post of Superintendent of the Line was created to oversee the running of the trains.HST Essay. Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Reasoning Pages: 2 ( words) Published: December 1,  Before I read the book, I was a little bit concern about those people who got capture by the Indian.

Based on my previous ideas and logical thinking, I thought those white captive will either get kill or turn into slaves. Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! May 01,  · Free message board hosting fully email-enabled.


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TOPIC: HST Course Forum (Spring ) (not accepting new messages) Get email ^ All I found Lakwete's book to be the most informative source in my essay to the extent that she single handedly destabilized my entire understanding of Eli Whitney's career with .

essay William Penn envisioned his colony as a kind of “holy experiment.” How was Pennsylvania different from other the colonies of British North America? In a single sentence, say what you like most about this essay from the HST perspective. V: Evaluation and Academic Integrity: E ssays will be evaluated on the accuracy and sophistication of their summary and contextualization.

In a single sentence, say what you like most about this essay from the HST perspective. V: Evaluation and Academic Integrity: E ssays will be evaluated on the accuracy and sophistication of their summary and contextualization.

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