Kirkus editing services

As with most things in life, it all depends on you. If you put in a lot of time and effort to learn the business of proofreading and take good care of your clients, you could achieve great success. Can I Work from Home as a Proofreader? But generally, freelance proofreaders can work from home or anywhere there is internet access.

Kirkus editing services

Denise Annunciata February 11, at 3: From my standpoint, as long as the summary is fair any review has value, regardless of the opinion of the reviewer. Because if the summary is accurate, someone reading the review can decide to read the book, despite the fact that the review may not have liked it.

When I complained to Kirkus they defended it basically saying reviews are subjective, and not guaranteed to be good. I completely understood there was no guarantee it would be good and that it was kirkus editing services … but I also understood that they had an obligation to have the reviewer being paid hundreds of dollars, actually READ the novel, which [he] clearly did not.

In comparison, I also submitted my novel to IndieReader and received a very fair summary of the story. Reply Sheri Meshal March 19, at 4: After reading this, I am so relieved.

I scored a total of 14, downloads during my giveaways. They changed the policy right after the last one.

kirkus editing services

I find book bloggers are so backlogged it feels like that ship has sailed. I have awesome Amazon reviews, but feel like I kirkus editing services to beg bloggers to read it and that gets old.

kirkus editing services

I tweet, FB, etc. As for editing, joining a writers meetup through http: The friendship and support are priceless too. Reply Vicki Hopkins March 14, at 3: I have six books out, and I still struggle with a variety of ways to get myself out there.

Many of them do not result in any sales. A major press release of winners went out into the publishing world.

I think I sold 20 books that month on my winning title. A few other tough spots to get listings are eReader and Pixel of Ink.

Unfortunately, they are always booked. Amazon KDP was kind to me last year. I have a series, and I put the first book up free and it pushed 2, purchases to the second book in two weeks. I ended on the Movers and Shakers list and had two books in the top in historical romance that month.

At last! Affordable editing made easy for self-published authors.

Its probably a fantasy, but it does help soothe my pitiful tries to get noticed and my credit card bills of wasted advertising attempts. I wish she would fly around and stroke my ego a bit! Again, thanks for sharing. I cringe thinking of looking for another. Jack Chapman March 13, at 1: Best wishes for its success.

Jack Reply Francis Hamit March 10, at 8: I made the mistake of buying three of the Kirkus Indie reviews last year, in hopes they would be of use at the Frankfurt Book Fair, for the agent I paid to rep the books there. Two of them were incompetent on their face. Quite obviously the entire book was not read because the reviewer s focused on minor characters and background scenery only seen in the early chapters or missed major turning points in the plot.

I asked for an adjustment or re-do, and was refused. I was a book reviewer in the s and 90s for the Los Angeles Daily News and that kind of sloppy work would gotten me fired. I am always willing to experiment, but I never spend more than I can get back from sales.

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It usually just takes a phone call and a good pitch. The Hastings Entertainment chain is especially friendly to authors like us. Just call the local Book Manager, and then bring extra stock when you show up for the gig.

As for Facebook, I use it, but no longer buy ads there.

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That might move the needle a little, but will it be enough to pay for the service? Reply Martin Lake March 10, at 4:After a twenty-year stint in academia, she became a full-time freelance editor several years ago in anticipation of the demand for professional editing services expanding greatly with the new publishing opportunities offered by her favorite thing in the world, the  · Kirkus Editorial: For more than 80 years, Kirkus—publisher of Kirkus Reviews —has been a trusted source of thoughtful literary criticism and editorial excellence.

The company’s book editing division offers independent authors access to top editors, all of whom have edited manuscripts for Big Five publishers or leading independent  · Watchdog: Is A Kirkus Review Worth The Price?

What should a book review contain? | Blood Merge - April 24, A good review should not be a word synopsis of a book with a one sentence opinion thrown onto the end of it, (I’m talking about you, Kirkus reviews!) Book Marketing Services.

Kirkus Reviews Program $ Kirkus Reviews has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery since If reviews from outlets that matter are tough for you to get, Dog Ear's Kirkus Reviews Program might be the ticket just for you. Children' s Masterpiece $4, $3, Editing Included! Editing services Contact and Links For teachers "In Victoria writer Sara Cassidy’s novels for children and teens, imagination is shown to be both a creative gift and an essential vehicle of empathy and morality." Kirkus Reviews.

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