Preschool christmas name writing activity

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Preschool christmas name writing activity

This fall and throughout the school year we will be combining forces with some of the best preschool bloggers to provide hands-on and playful activities designed JUST for YOUR kids!

The PlayfulPreschool blogging team is working diligently on a variety of learning experiences centered around a weekly theme.

Be sure to visit this blog each Wednesday throughout the school year for creative and playful learning suggestions that can be used in the childcare classroom, at home, or at school!


This post and others within this blog contain affiliate links. Using apple-scented playdough for pre-writing is a fun way to combine fine motor development with sensory learning!

The sense of smell is powerful for children and adults! The fall scents of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon used in the playdough will provide lasting memories for the children.

preschool christmas name writing activity

The creation of the apple-scented playdough line paths will encourage the fine motor development necessary for writing through hands-on playful learning. Laminate the playdough line path mat for durability or to re-use later.

Note — if laminating supplies are not available, clear contact paper will work, too.


Sprinkle the circle with 2 tsp. The children can then fold the circle over in half and then knead the dough to distribute the spices. When the children are finished kneading the playdough, demonstrate for the children how to roll the dough with the palm of their hand to make long playdough worms.

Experiment and practice rolling worms with the scented dough.

preschool christmas name writing activity

The playdough worms will be used to form the line paths when the children are ready for a more challenging task. Prior to the activity: Make different line paths with a permanent marker on wooden craft sticks. Invite the children to choose one craft stick at a time and try to copy the pattern re-create the line path shown on the craft stick to the apple printable using the spiced playdough worms.Nov 05,  · Christmas pre-writing practice: christmas preschool worksheets.

kindergarten spelling words and worksheets. these activities were designed with preschoolers and early elementary children in mind, but could preschool christmas name writing activity easily be business environment case studies with questions and answers adapted to work preschool christmas name writing activity .

Class directory for the writing center! - word work or work on writing Looks like a photo album Find this Pin and more on Name Activities for Preschool by JanaMarie Thompson.

Create a class directory and put it in the writing center. Make name writing fun with these 12 interactive activities that are perfect for preschoolers! As with anything for kids, learning to write and practice name writing has to be fun!

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Making it a hands on experience can be so much more meaningful. Are you a planner, a Christmas fanatic, or even a last minute project setter upper? We have everything you need to make the Christmas holidays amazing for your kids with the best Christmas science activities! These are easy to do at home or school and will truly make the .

Scaffolding Preschoolers' Early Writing Skills By: Sonia Q. Cabell, Laura S. Totorelli, Hope Gerde This article presents a framework for individualizing early writing instruction in the preschool classroom. See Free Printable Name Tracing Worksheets, Free Printable Preschool Name Writing Worksheets & Free Printable Preschool Name Worksheets See 6 Best Images of Printable Traceable Names.

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