Summary of money as debt

In other words, this shows how many assets the company must sell in order to pay off all of its liabilities. Companies with higher levels of liabilities compared with assets are considered highly leveraged and more risky for lenders. Formula The debt ratio is calculated by dividing total liabilities by total assets. Here is the calculation:

Summary of money as debt

Understand Money as Debt Concept I came across this video sometime ago and personally I found it very interesting that you may want to watch it.

This video was created by Paul Grignon in It is quite a long clip i.

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You may need to watch it few times too because it is kind of difficult to understand. This movie shows how the basic banking system works and how the money was eventually evolved into no longer represent value but debt.

What are the KEY messages from this video?

Summary of money as debt

Money Is Now Backed by Loan or Mortgage Yes, bank used to create money only if they have the real gold with them or someone deposit the gold to bank.

But this is not how the bank operates today. Bank created money as long as you take loan from them and promise to pay back. Money is no longer backed by Gold but backed by the loan or mortgage.

Bank Can Create as Much as Money We Can Borrow As soon as we realize the bank creates money out of nothing, a new legal regulation is invented to protect our rights. Based on the 9: The answer is pretty simple — the bank create money out of each loan transaction.

Therefore, bank can create a much as money that you can borrow! As long as new loan agreement is signed, a brand new money is created! In previous example, you will notice that majority of the money that we have today in this economy is created by loan or debt.

Therefore in other words, the money supply to this economy is equal to the total amount of loan principal. So now you need to pay the extra loan interest to the bank, where do you get the money from? There are only 2 possibilities: Not everyone will not able to pay back the loan together with interest To avoid that from happening, bank will supply more money to the economy by creating more loans In order to sustain this monetary system, more debts needs to be created to make sure the system have enough money supply to pay back the loan interest.

The funny thing is when more debts are created, more debt interests are created too. Thus, more money you owe. This is the exponential thing and are fixing the things or making it worse? Will this continue forever or will it collapse one day?

Discussion Now we know the truth that money is created from debt and the questions to be discussed here are, is that really wrong with this system? Is this man made or natural?

Who should we blame if this is not right?Summary. of.

Summary of money as debt

Outstanding Debt: For Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, As of October 1, Prepared By: General Risks Associated with Variable Rate Debt. Market Risk (Interest Rate Risk). The risk that the Borrower may have to pay a substantial sum of money if either the Borrower or.

Debt Reduction Summary Over the past week, I have discussed many ways to approach a do it yourself debt reduction and credit repair plan. A lot of your approach will depend on your situation, so I covered a variety of different angles.

You can send a debt collector a letter saying you don’t owe any or all of the money, or asking for verification of the debt. If you send the letter within 30 days of getting the validation notice, the collector has to send you written verification of the debt, like a copy of a bill for the amount you owe, before it can start trying to collect.

Hovering over the counties on the map will show pop-outs with summary information for all debt issued within the counties’ borders. Summary information includes the current year and a . When I started blogging about personal finance matters over two years ago, I knew I had to share the story of how my wife and I overcame $90, of consumer debt in less than two years.

Introduction. Summary Judgment is a shortcut to judgment that is intended to prevent the courts (and parties to a suit) from having to waste large amounts of time (and money.

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